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Mt. Washington Florist is a local florist in Cincinnati, Ohio that provides top-notch floral design and same-day flower delivery services. Our doors are open for customers on Mondays to Fridays, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Our proudly family-owned flower shop has been in the industry for more than sixty years. With multiple decades of shared background as floral designers, we guarantee that you receive only the best, most exceptional arrangements and freshest flowers for your needs-- every single time!

Call Mt. Washington Florist the flower delivery experts or Fort Thomas Florists or surrounding areas today for your free estimate or if you have any questions, give us a call at 513-474-4158 for flower arrangement.

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Let Mt. Washington Florist be your new on-call flower shop in Cincinnati! Our flower shop provides a broad variety of designs, so you're sure to get the ideal arrangement whichever the event or function. Got a friend's birthday coming up and need to buy a gift? Wish to buy a bouquet of long-stemmed roses for your significant other on Valentine's Day? Thinking about getting a live plant or two to spruce up your place? Want to get some harvest themed floral designs for the autumn season? Heard about a friend who just lost a loved one and want to send a lovely sympathy arrangement for the funeral service? We can get you all that and more! Our team of talented florists at our flower shop are glad to help you choose the perfect flowers and floral design to fit your needs. Drop by our shop in Cincinnati to have a look at our wide array of fresh-cut flowers from the best farms in Ohio, lavish plants and greens, and exceptional floral designs. Planning on getting something a little more personal and heartfelt? No worries! After serving the city of Cincinnati for over six decades, we understand how important it is to get your floral gifts to your loved ones on time. That's why we offer prompt and friendly delivery services all around Cincinnati, Kentucky, and other neighboring towns in Ohio. Want to reach out to a loved one in distress? We also offer same-day delivery to funeral homes, nursing care facilities, commercial and residential areas alike! Ready to do some shopping for your floral needs? We'll be waiting for you at the shop! Come Pop by our flower shop in Cincinnati, send us an email at or contact us at 513-474-4158 to place your pick-up and delivery requests. For more information on our flowers and services, check out our website at and explore our array of flowers, live plants, and floral arrangements. Make Mt. Washington Florist your number one resource for each one of your floral needs!

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Each month has its special beauty, and with it comes a special birthday flower that captures its significance. As days change from the new beginnings of January to the cheery endings of December, every month's birth flower brings with it stories of history, importance, and all-natural attraction. Let's start this 12-month flower odyssey, highlighting the birthday celebration blossoms that envelop the spirit of every month.

January: The Tranquility of Carnations
In the heart of winter season, when nature appears to be in a deep rest, Carnations flower with peaceful poise. These fragile blossoms, offered in a wide variety of shades, signify love, attraction, and difference. Pink carnations, specifically, share gratefulness, making them a wonderful birthday celebration gift.

February: The Modesty of Violets
Violets, with their soft shades and wonderful fragrance, mirror the mild shift from winter months to springtime. Representing commitment, humbleness, and faithfulness, they're the best method to want a person a year full of unfaltering love and trust.

March: The Vitality of Daffodils
As wintertime launches its icy grasp, daffodils arise, declaring the coming of warmer days. These glowing yellow blossoms represent new beginnings and unrivaled excitement, mirroring the significance of March-born people.

April: The Quality of Daisy
Daisies, with their pure white flowers and sun-like center, are identified with virtue and pureness. They personify April's spirit, signifying hope and the renewal of nature.

May: The Style of Lily of the Valley
These small bell-shaped blossoms, with their invigorating scent, stand for the return of joy. An ideal depiction for May, they indicate the shift right into the euphoric summer season days ahead.

June: The Charm of Roses
June is beautified by the queen of blossoms. Roses, in their myriad shades, signify a myriad of feelings from love to thankfulness, making them a flexible birthday celebration present.

July: The Brightness of Larkspur
Larkspurs, with their high spikes and star-shaped blossoms, represent love and positivity. Their vibrancy records the height of summertime and the happiness of July.

August: The Strength of Gladiolus
Standing for self-control and ethical honesty, the sword-shaped gladiolus blossoms are a testimony to the intense spirit of those celebrating their birthdays in August.

September: The Beauty of Asters
These pretty blossoms, which are available in different colors, signify love and persistence. As summer season winds down and fall approaches, asters symbolize the mix of 2 seasons.

October: The Vibrancy of Marigolds
These intense blossoms, typically related to the sunlight's radiance, capture October's significance. They mean enthusiasm and imagination, reverberating with the fall spirit.

November: The Deepness of Chrysanthemums
Typically called 'mums', these blossoms can be found in an amazing variety of hues. They exemplify November's deepness, signifying pleasure and positive outlook.

December: The Brilliance of Narcissus
These brilliant blossoms, showing the celebration of December, mean hope and success.

In this vibrant tapestry of flowers, every month provides a one-of-a-kind flower, adding elegance and meaning to birthday celebrations. Whether you're giving or receiving, recognizing these blossoms boosts the happiness of the celebration.

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I ordered a medium sized peace lily for the passing of a friend’s mother. The peace lily was stunning! It was so big and had some blooms and others partially bloomed. Just gorgeous!

Tara Inge


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Are you in the Fort Thomas, Ohio area and are looking for a business that does flower delivery near me? Are you interested in having fresh flowers delivered? If the answer is yes, you have found a great resource to take care of all your florist needs. We are the best florist in Fort Thomas, Ohio. No arrangement like wedding flowers, funeral flowers is too big or too small for us. We provide full-service floristry services.

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Blossoms, with their myriad shades and kinds, have actually long been symbols of love, appreciation, and well-wishes. However, amongst the large flower kingdom, some blossoms stand out as faves for birthday events. Study the world of the 10 most preferred birthday celebration blossoms and the heartfelt tales they share.

Roses: The Ageless Beauties
Frequently described the 'Queen of Flowers', roses are associated with love and passion. Their myriad shades, from crimsons to immaculate whites, each tell a different story of feeling and belief. Whether it's red for love or yellow for friendship, a rose arrangement is constantly a hit.

Lilies: The Icon of Pureness and Revival
Lilies, with their sophisticated kind and appealing fragrance, represent pureness and the assurance of new beginnings.Specifically prominent are the oriental lilies with their invigorating scent and striking look.

Sunflowers: Glowing and Wondrous
These high, intense flowers are symbolic of love and durability. Sunflowers bring a touch of sunlight to any type of birthday celebration, standing for joy and positive outlook.

Orchids: Unique and Charming
Orchids, understood for their special form and vivid shades, represent toughness, elegance, and love. They're an advanced option for those with a disposition towards the unique blooms.

Daisies: Virtue and Sprightliness
Daisies, with their easy beauty, stand for virtue and happiness. An arrangement of these can quickly illuminate a birthday celebration, making the day really feel a lot more unique.

Tulips: Affirmation of Love
Offered in almost every shade, tulips are a preferred springtime blossom that symbolizes a statement of love. Their round form and abundant shades make them a preferred choice for birthday celebration arrangements.

Gerberas: Vibrancy and Power
A close relative of the sunflower, gerberas are recognized for their intense and joyful shades. They mean virtue and pureness and include a pop of shade to any type of birthday party.

Carnations: Bonds of Love
These ruffled flowers, offered in a range of different tones, signify love, attraction, and distinction. Each hue tells a story, with pink carnations revealing thankfulness and red ones showcasing deep love.

Chrysanthemums (Mums): A Life of Convenience
Usually related to friendship and well-wishing, 'mums' are available in a wonderful variety of shades. They're a testimony to the happiness of life and the desire for a year of comfort and convenience.

Lavender: Peace and Poise
This aromatic blossom, recognized for its relaxing characteristics, stands for peace, poise, and style. Gifting lavender resembles providing an item of peace on one's birthday celebration.

Each of these blossoms, in its special way, includes a touch of nature's magic to birthday celebrations. They're not simply presents but also providers of feelings, dreams, and memories. So, the next time you're looking for the ideal birthday celebration blossom, let this overview be your starting point. Whether it's the beauty of a lily or the vibrancy of a sunflower, there's a blossom available that showcases the language of your heart.



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